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Universal Learning Approach

What is the ULA?

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The Universal Learning Approach (ULA), co-developed by Jon Mayo and Chad Myers, revolutionizes skill acquisition with its dynamic, intuitive method. ULA begins with simple action execution, progressively refining skills to simplify learning. Its unique symbol, featuring lines of varying lengths, visually prioritizes learning steps: the longest lines represent the starting point and the goal, with the central line marking the crucial action for skill mastery. This innovative approach, contrasting with traditional sequential learning, reduces overwhelm and engages learners more effectively.

Jon Mayo, while sharing credit for ULA's development, independently utilizes and has full rights to this method in his professional activities. He co-founded a company named after ULA, offering products like Sisu Stamina Energy Chews for human optimization. ULA's principles are also woven into Jon's book, 'Be Relentless', and are pivotal in the STRIVE Methodology, especially within its Venture and Engage cycles, ensuring strategic objectives are achieved efficiently and effectively.

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