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Join Me in Building a Better Tomorrow, Today.

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Join The WayMaker Community

Pursuing purpose can be lonely, but it does not need to be. 

Join us as we work to:

  • Empower American Men to intentionally pursue significance, create immense value, and build strong communities.
  • Equip Veterans to reclaim their purpose and forge their second mission.
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Sisu Stamina is Performance Evolved

The best demand the best, and Sisu Stamina answers the call by providing the best performers in the world precisely what they need to dominate their arena. 

Powerful Books that Inspire Action

  • Be Relentless

    If the obstacle is the way, then we must be WayMakers.

  • Forge Forward

    Your Freedom is Hard Earned.


    Master Strategy with Agility.

Be Relentless, Forge Forward, STRIVE, All 4 GRID
Be Relentless Strive Forge Forward ALL FOUR
Be Relentless STRIVE and Forge Forward
Be Relentless & Forge Forward
Be Relentless side by side 2 copies front and back minimalist
Forge Forward Open

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Intentional Conversations

Conversations that equip you to reclaim your purpose, live intentionally, cultivate curiosity, pursue the extraordinary, create immense value, and become a WayMaker in business, community, and everyday life.
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Custom Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions that Unleash Human Potential, Boost Performance, and Elevate Capability.

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