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Master Strategy with Agility

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Turbulence and uncertainty are the new normal. To thrive amidst complexity, organizations need more than robust plans - they require strategic agility. That's why forward-thinking leaders are turning to STRIVE. This practical methodology blends analytical rigor with adaptable execution, giving you the tools to rapidly construct resilient strategies then evolve them based on real-time insights.
In this handbook, Jonathan Mayo draws from decades of experience leading complex change to reveal his battle-tested STRIVE methodology. Through immersive examples and structured exercises, you’ll learn techniques to thoroughly assess your situation, diligently track external trends, mitigate risks, define strategic intent, map execution roadmaps and embed agile feedback loops. This end-to-end approach activates your team around a shared vision while retaining versatility to adjust on the fly.
Whether you oversee strategy for a global enterprise or a lean startup, “STRIVE: Master Strategy with Agility” offers an indispensable blueprint for leading through uncertainty. The future belongs to the strategically agile - are you ready to thrive amidst turbulence?

The STRIVE Methodology

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STRIVE as a Cycle (rounded textured)

Assess Your Situation

Understand where you stand, simplify the complexity.

Plan Responsively

Adapt to market trends inline with your vision.

Execute Confidently

Implement with decisive action & agility, continuously improve as you grow.

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