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If the obstacle is the way, then we must be WayMakers.

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"Be Relentless" by Jonathan Mayo is a guide to personal growth, empowering readers to become WayMakers and unleash their full potential. The book emphasizes intentionality, personal responsibility, and continuous improvement, while offering a operating framework for overcoming obstacles and embracing a growth mindset. With a focus on meaningful relationships and self-reflection, "Be Relentless" is a timely call to action for leading purpose-driven lives and making a positive impact in the world.

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  • Your Invitation to Action

    An engaging call to actively shape your life through focused, intentional actions.

  • Practical Methodologies

    Offers a clear, actionable plan for unlocking your full potential.

  • Forge Your Path

    Guides and equips you in creating a purposeful, impactful life.

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Be Relentless Minimalist Open
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Be Relentless Minimalist 2 copies standing

Now available in a minimalist version as well!

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