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Championing Freedom: The Ninth Tenet of the WayMaker Code

WayMaker Code 9

We are now delving into the ninth tenet of our WayMaker Code: "Champion Freedom: Freedom comes at a price. Take responsibility for safeguarding it and dedicate efforts to cultivate a world where liberty flourishes." This principle is paramount given our collective responsibility to uphold and nurture the freedom and liberty that are foundational to our way of life.

Understanding the Value of Freedom

Freedom is more than a right; it's a cornerstone of a thriving society. As I explore in "Be Relentless," freedom is not just about the absence of oppression but also the presence of opportunities to pursue one's potential. Championing freedom means actively working towards preserving and extending these liberties, understanding that they are hard-won and easily lost.

The Price of Freedom

Freedom indeed comes at a price. It requires vigilance, responsibility, and sometimes, sacrifice. It is our duty to remember and honor those who have fought for our freedoms and to ensure that their sacrifices were not in vain. In the WayMaker Community, we recognize the importance of this duty and commit to being guardians of the liberties we enjoy.

Safeguarding Liberty

Safeguarding liberty involves more than just enjoying our freedoms; it's about actively protecting them. This can mean standing up for our rights, participating in democratic processes, and being informed and engaged citizens. It's about creating a culture that values and defends freedom for everyone.

Cultivating a World Where Liberty Flourishes

Our efforts should not only be towards protecting freedom but also nurturing and expanding it. This involves creating environments where individuals can freely express themselves, pursue their dreams, and live without undue restraint. It's about fostering societies where liberty is a shared value and a common goal.

How to Champion Freedom in Our Lives

  1. Educate Yourself and Others: Stay informed about your rights and the state of freedom in your community and the world. Share this knowledge with others.
  2. Engage in Civic Activities: Participate in the democratic process, be it through voting, advocacy, or community service.
  3. Stand Up for Rights: Be prepared to stand up for your rights and those of others. Speak out against injustices and support causes that promote liberty.
  4. Foster Open Discussion: Encourage and engage in open, respectful dialogues about freedom and its implications.
  5. Support Freedom-Focused Causes: Contribute to organizations and initiatives that work towards expanding and safeguarding freedom.
  6. Lead by Example: Live your life in a way that exemplifies the value of freedom. Show respect for the liberties of others while enjoying your own.

As WayMakers, championing freedom is a crucial aspect of our journey towards creating a better world. By taking responsibility for safeguarding liberty and dedicating our efforts to cultivate a world where freedom flourishes, we contribute to a future where everyone can live to their fullest potential.

Let’s move forward with the commitment to championing freedom, understanding its value, and working tirelessly to preserve and nurture it.

Until next time, Stay Curious, Be Relentless & Forge Forward,

Jon Mayo

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