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Embracing Life: From Mortality to Creation and Connection

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Throughout life there are concepts that remind us of our mortality, ideas that urge us to live, to create, and to connect. These ideas— Memento Mori, Memento Viveri, Memento Crear, and Memento Conectare — form a mosaic that depicts the full spectrum of a purpose-driven existence. They are reminders that serve as the cornerstones of the WayMaker Philosophy and the STRIVE methodology, guiding us not merely to exist but to lead lives rich with intention and connection.

Memento Mori: The Urgency of Now

Memento Mori, "remember that you must die," is an ancient practice that has been a part of my teachings and the foundation of my book "Be Relentless." It's not a call to dwell on the inevitable end but a catalyst to seize the fleeting moments with purpose and passion. In the STRIVE methodology, it resonates with the 'S' for Situation — a situational awareness of our finite existence, urging us to act with urgency and focus.

In my podcast and public speaking, Memento Mori is a recurring theme that encourages us to not waste a single drop of the present. It’s about making every decision, every action count, because our time here is limited. It's a call to push beyond mediocrity, to strive for excellence in every venture, because the tick of the clock is unrelenting.

Memento Viveri: The Celebration of Life

On the flip side, Memento Viveri, "remember to live," is a call to embrace the vibrancy of life, to savor the joy in the journey. It's a reminder I weave through my work with Universal Learning Approach and the energy behind Sisu Stamina Energy Chews. Living isn't just about moving from one day to the next; it’s about finding meaning and joy in the pursuit of our goals.

This concept dovetails with the 'Engage' element of STRIVE — to not just passively experience life but to actively engage with it, to immerse ourselves in the process of living and learning. It's about fostering resilience and determination in the face of adversity, embodying the Finnish concept of 'sisu' that I hold in high regard.

Memento Crear: The Power of Creation

Memento Crear, "remember to create," echoes the essence of my strategic advisory work. Creation is at the heart of innovation and growth. It is about bringing new ideas and solutions to life, about shaping the world rather than simply being shaped by it. This principle is reflected in the 'Venture' component of STRIVE, encouraging bold steps towards manifesting our visions.

Whether it's developing new business strategies or fostering personal growth, Memento Crear reminds us that we are here to contribute, to build, and to make a mark. It's a call to innovate, to challenge the status quo, and to create legacies that outlive us.

Memento Conectare: The Imperative of Connection

Finally, Memento Conectare, "remember to connect," is about the fundamental human need for connection. It's the principle behind the Forge and the WayMaker Community, where peer cohorts forge bonds that bolster personal and collective growth. This concept aligns with the 'Engage' phase of STRIVE — fostering connections is not just a social exercise but a strategic imperative.

In today's fragmented world, Memento Conectare is a reminder to build bridges, to share knowledge, to support and uplift one another. It's about recognizing that our potential is magnified through our connections with others, through the communities we build and the relationships we nurture.

A Symphony of Reminders

Memento Mori, Viveri, Crear, and Conectare are not just standalone concepts but parts of a symphony that plays throughout the WayMaker philosophy and the STRIVE methodology. They invite us to live with the end in mind, to celebrate life, to create with intention, and to connect deeply. As we contemplate these reminders, let us integrate them into our daily lives, infusing our actions with purpose and our interactions with empathy.

By embracing these principles, we step into a maximized, extraordinary life — a life where we not only chase success but also sculpt a meaningful existence that reverberates through time and impact. Let these ideas guide us as we navigate life and strive to create a legacy that is not only successful but significant and connected.