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The Second Mission: Why Veterans Should Intentionally Pursue Post-Service Goals

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The transition from military to civilian life represents a crucial turning point for veterans. Often referred to as our 'second mission,' this phase transcends mere professional change; it's a pivotal moment for personal reinvention and purposeful living. As a veteran, strategic advisor, author, and founder of the WayMaker Movement, I emphasize the critical importance of veterans intentionally setting and pursuing our post-service goals. Drawing from my own experiences and the foundational principles of the WayMaker Community, I aim to illuminate the transformative power of intentional living and the vital role of community support in the lives of veterans.

The Power of a Second Mission

Post-military life presents veterans with a unique opportunity to redefine our identity and purpose. The military instills skills, discipline, and values that are invaluable assets in civilian life. However, the challenge often lies in translating these into new personal and professional aspirations. This is where the concept of a 'second mission' becomes crucial. It's about setting new goals, channeling one's skills and experiences into different avenues, and continuing the journey of growth and impact.

For veterans, the second mission is not merely a career change; it's a holistic transformation. It's about embracing the core principles of self-improvement, resilience, and intentional living—tenets that I strongly advocated  and embody within the WayMaker Community. This mission serves as a guiding light, providing direction, motivation, and a sense of purpose in our post-service life.

Joining the WayMaker Community

The WayMaker Community offers a robust platform for veterans to embark on their second mission. This community is not just a network; it's a fellowship of individuals committed to relentless self-improvement, radical responsibility, and living intentionally to maximize human potential. Here, veterans find peers who share similar experiences and aspirations, creating a powerful synergy for mutual growth and support.

The community operates on the principle of continuous action and accountability, values deeply ingrained in military training. By participating in small peer cohorts called Forges, members can engage in daily personal growth through rigorous accountability, candid feedback, and mutual support. These cohorts act as incubators for personal and professional development, resonating with the disciplined, mission-oriented approach familiar to veterans.

The Impact of Intentional Community Engagement

Engaging with a community like the WayMaker Community is pivotal for veterans in several ways:

  1. Transition Support: The community provides a supportive environment to navigate the often challenging transition from military to civilian life, mitigating feelings of isolation or loss of identity.
  2. Skill Translation: It offers avenues to translate military skills into civilian virtues, aiding in career advancement, entrepreneurship, or personal development.
  3. Shared Experience: There's immense power in shared experiences. The community becomes a space for veterans to connect, share stories, and learn from each other’s journeys, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding.
  4. Growth and Development: The WayMaker philosophy emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and personal growth, aligning perfectly with the mindset of veterans who are accustomed to constant skill development and adaptability.
  5. Purpose and Direction: By engaging in a mission-driven community, veterans can find new purpose and direction, helping them write and pursue meaningful goals post-service.

In conclusion, for veterans, intentionally pursuing our second mission and joining a community of like-minded individuals is not just beneficial but essential. It provides a structured approach to personal and professional growth post-service, leveraging their military skills in new, impactful ways. The WayMaker Community, under the guidance and philosophy presented in Be Relentless, offers a perfect conduit for this transformation, aligning veterans with their ideal selves and empowering us to lead a maximized life of purpose and service.

Until next time, Stay Curious, Be Relentless & Forge Forward,

Jon Mayo

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