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The Origins of STRIVE: A Methodology Forged from Experience

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Throughout my career leading organizations in both the military and civilian sectors, I've continuously sought to develop strategic frameworks that empower teams to accomplish ambitious goals amidst uncertainty. This passion stemmed from my hands-on leadership experience guiding units from the tactical and strategic levels as an Artillery Officer to managing business operations as an executive.


These roles immersed me in the intricacies and challenges of accomplishing aggressive goals - from aligning stakeholders in the upper echelons of an organization to execution on the frontlines. Early on, I recognized the need for versatile yet structured approaches to strategic planning and execution suitable for the volatility of real life in our rapidly evolving era.


My initial leadership positions as a young Lieutenant directing Artillery fires as a Fire Supporter, through my time as a Captain leading our Battalion’s Fire Direction Center showed me first-hand the importance of situational awareness, risk management, and highly responsive adaptability in chaotic conditions. Mastering the technical complexities of coordinating indirect fires underscored the need for rigorous training and effective outcomes measurement.


Transitioning to the business world as a District Manager opened my eyes to cross-functional collaboration, continuous improvement, and fostering cultures empowered with autonomy and purpose. Moreover, spearheading process enhancements as a Lean Six Sigma Practitioner ingrained in me the potency of metrics, feedback loops, and systems thinking.


By the time I stepped into executive roles directing large-scale change initiatives, these experiences converged into several formative insights:


  1. Strategies must be vigorously informed by data yet flexible enough to adjust amidst adversity or to changes in the operating environment. Neither rigidity nor reactionism by themselves are sufficient.
  2. Visions and plans energize teams, but only when authentically activated through individual ownership and engagement at every level. 
  3. In dynamic conditions, competitive advantage stems from learning velocity - how rapidly we gather insights, are empowered to test new approaches, and course correct based on outcomes.
  4. Leadership is not just planning but sculpting adaptive cultures committed to shared goals. This cultivates the agility required to secure the desired future at every level.

These lessons fueled my conviction in developing STRIVE - to craft a strategic methodology blending analytical rigor with empathetic design and continuous adaptation. A methodology that surgically focuses on activating human potential and accomplishing aggressive organizational goals in pursuit of a shared vision, versus mechanically imposing models.


By incorporating the most impactful principles learned from my diverse leadership experiences and borrowing brilliance from a broad spectrum of research and other industries, I believe STRIVE offers organizations a blueprint for strategic leadership in turbulent times. It is the product of hard-earned experience - a practical toolkit for progressing from static planning to continuous evolution.


Now having founded Iron Front Solutions, I am blessed with the opportunity to actively apply STRIVE in service of others through my teams consulting services. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I'm honored to walk this path with ambitious leaders working to unlock their organizations’ full potential. Are you ready? For at the intersection of challenge and purpose, transformation awaits.